Wojak Goes to Mars; Elon Musk Controversial Tweet in Support of Wojak

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Wojak Goes to Mars; Elon Musk Controversial Tweet in Support of Wojak 1

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — In recent weeks, more than half of the major news in the cryptocurrency world has been related to Wojak developments. Over the past week, Crypto Financial and Crypto Times have made controversial remarks about the token’s bright future. This incident caused the news of cooperation with DOT to be published a few days later, after the growth of the token. And all the fans of this token still believe that very bright days are waiting for this token.

But on November 13, Wojak announced that important news was on the way, which was confirmed by Wojak’s official Twitter account a few hours ago. Wojak retweeted Elon Musk’s tweet and wrote: “November 13”. The news shocked the token community in the early minutes. But after about an hour and the official announcement on the Telegram channel, everyone came to believe that November 13 was a very important day that finally arrived.

But a review of the Elon Musk tweet shows us that the blue color in the Wojak logo is exactly the same as the blue color used in the Elon Musk tweet. The difference is that due to the lack of presence of enough light on Mars, this color is shown a little darker. On the other hand, the phrase “to the moon” was obsolete by Wojak and was replaced by the phrase “to the Mars”, and now we see that Wojak is sitting on Mars.

Perhaps the only question that arises is why this token is not mentioned directly. Well, the answer is quite clear. Elon Musk has never said anything directly. He has always tweeted with a photo of a dog, and now he is informing his audience with a photo of Wojak on Mars.

But the most beautiful part of this is where CMO publishes a multi-line text on the Telegram channel and writes: ” I believe in one thing in life. Try hard. Be silent. And pursue big dreams. In the first days of the project, if we talked about Elon, no one would believe. But from now, we will see more days when great people talk about us. I know it’s unbelievable. But we promised November 13th.Regards. CMO”. And this is probably the best answer for all those who used to make fun of Wojak in the past few days.

Wojak will unveil another news on November 22. We hope that this news is related to Wojak being listed in one of the reputable exchange offices.

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Wojak Goes to Mars; Elon Musk Controversial Tweet in Support of Wojak 2

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