Valley Medical Center Foundation and Santa Clara County Transform Fairgrounds into a Fun Vaccination Experience for Kids

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Jungle playground made possible by donations from Bloom Energy, philanthropist & tech executive Godfrey Sullivan, & Bloom Energy Stars and Strides Run sponsors

The perfect partnership between public and private entities can move mountains when we come together”
— Camie VanKeuren, Chief Development Officer, VMC Foundation

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2021 / — The Santa Clara County Fairgrounds mass vaccination site for children in the Exposition Hall has been transformed into a jungle playground designed to dazzle young ones’ imaginations. Inviting colors, animals, rainforest-like trees and lots of games, coloring, scavenger hunts, fidgets and other small toys will create a fun-filled experience for five- to eleven-year-olds during their visit, keeping their brains and bodies occupied before and after their vaccination.

The goal is to create a delightfully entertaining experience for children and inspire others to roll up their sleeves. The jungle-themed Exposition Hall is made possible due to generous donations from philanthropist and Silicon Valley tech leader Godfrey Sullivan and a consortium of Bay Area companies, led by Carl Guardino, including Bloom Energy and sponsors participants of last August’s Bloom Energy Stars and Strides 5K/10K Run.

“We all want our children to get vaccinated and we want to make that experience a little easier for both the parents and the children,” said Dr. Marty Fenstersheib, Santa Clara County’s COVID-19 vaccine officer. “That’s what we’ve tried to do here. It’s all about a fun distraction and creating the most positive experience possible.”

The Valley Medical Center Foundation, Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, County of Santa Clara and production company Eventscapes transformed the site to a jungle-themed adventure. These partners worked together to develop a play team of dedicated staff whose focus is developing fun and interactive experiences for children while at the pediatric mass vaccine site.

“The perfect partnership between public and private entities can move mountains when we come together,” said Camie VanKeuren, Chief Development Officer of the Valley Medical Center Foundation.

“It’s so important that children ages 5-11 feel safe, calm and happy when they are getting their COVID-19 vaccinations. This colorful, whimsical jungle atmosphere with friendly animals, music, games, and toys should help keep children’s minds occupied before and after their vaccinations.” said Santa Clara County Supervisor Cindy Chavez. “We can’t thank Bloom Energy, Carl Guardino, sponsors and participants of the Bloom Energy Stars and Strides Run, and Godfrey Sullivan enough for making this happen. It truly takes a village to help children get vaccinated.”

There are 140,000 children ages 5-11 in Santa Clara County. Getting this age group vaccinated has long been considered a critical component in helping to facilitate the return to normalcy after a nearly two-year pandemic.

“It is an honor to work for a company that invests so intently and purposefully in our community,” said Carl Guardino, executive vice president, Bloom Energy. “The VMC Foundation directly supports Santa Clara Valley Medical Center which courageously serves more than one million people every year, and we’re incredibly proud to support their efforts to spearhead this original initiative to create a fun and magical vaccination experience for our little ones. Getting this vital population of children vaccinated helps us create a safer community, and it will benefit the well-being of schools, teachers and families throughout the county.”

“The VMC Foundation would like to thank Bloom Energy, Godfrey Sullivan and the many sponsors of the Stars and Strides Run for supporting our efforts to transform the SCVMC Pediatric vaccine site at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds and other Mass vax sites operated by SCVMC to make them better for kids.” said VMC Foundation Board Chair, Dennis Low, MD. “The team really focused on privacy, distraction, safety and fun. We have been honored to work with the dedicated staff of SCVMC mass vax sites and our production team- Eventscapes to transform this pediatric space into a decorative kid friendly environment.”

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