The Exasperated Clock

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Hickman’s other books will
be a forthcoming collection of how each number evolved and found a new world beyond the expanse of the clock.

PITTSBURG, CA, USA, October 20, 2021 / — Debbie Hickman’s The Exasperated Clock opens a new door to a whole new learning experience.

This is an entertaining, educational, and adventure book all wrapped up into one wonderfully crafted children’s book.

”What time is it really?” This famous question of Einstein gave rise to Debbie Hickman’s numerous children’s books, The Exasperated Clock is one of them. Kids will without a doubt giggle their way in this book full of antics, whimsical adventures, and surreal employment.

The Exasperated Clock tells the story of the 12 numbers on the clock who are silly, noisy, and irresponsible. Being thrown off the clock becomes quite a problem when the numbers are left on their own and are clueless. Eventually, the numbers find a better job than working on the clock which will be covered in the author’s later works.

Hailing from the beautiful plains of Vancouver, Washington, Debbie Hickman curated a masterpiece that will not only bring entertainment to young readers but leaves lingering life lessons as usually left by her books of the same genre. Colorfully illustrated by Adam Taylor who identifies himself with the number 8, Taylor’s silliness and passion for illustrating children’s books is left raw and candid for readers to see. Debbie Hickam grew up in Idaho and is currently residing in Sierra, Vista, Arizona with her family. She has lived and taught in numerous places across the continent in-between. The numerous imaginative young students’ positive feedback urged her to keep telling and writing more stories that bring the same joy as her previous book did, maybe even more. Hickman’s other books will be a forthcoming collection of how each number evolved and found a new world beyond the expanse of the clock.

The Exasperated Clock
Written by: Debbie Hickman
Paperback |

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The Exasperated Clock 2

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