The Evans Group Gives 3 Reasons to Choose a Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturer

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LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, October 4, 2021 / — Los Angeles garment manufacturer, The Evans Group, is cluing independent fashion designers in to how the fashion industry works.

Providing numerous services, The Evans Group (TEG) is now opening the door to would-be independent designers. How? By advising fashion designers how to design clothes, choose a quality clothing manufacturer, and craft your own clothing line.

3 Reasons to Use a Los Angeles Clothing Manufacturer

In a recent article from TEG, the crucial roles of clothing manufacturers in the fashion industry (especially for independent designers) are outlined in full.

Low Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)

Minimum order quantities (MOQs) are how many pieces of clothing that independent designers have to order from a clothing manufacturer. Each clothing manufacturer is different in terms of their respective MOQs, and each company has its own reasons for setting MOQ policies.

“MOQs vary from business to business, ranging anywhere from 10 pieces to a few hundred. Different variables (depending on the clothing manufacturer) play a role in setting a clothing business’s MOQ. For example, low or no MOQs are a helpful asset found in many American clothing manufacturers, ensuring emerging fashion designers the opportunity to thrive.”

TEG goes on to state that the Los Angeles clothing manufacturer doesn’t have set MOQs, giving indie fashion designers some much-needed wiggle room.

“At TEG, there are no minimums. Not forcing a new designer to order a minimum of 500 pieces is a fantastic way to give a fashion designer some much-needed breathing room in terms of creativity, finances, and planning.”

Talented Professionals

One thing that clothing manufacturers have in spades is fashion industry veterans. At TEG, for example, numerous designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses make up Jennifer Evans’s roster of talent.

For larger orders, Evans directly employs local Los Angeles textile workers to populate her studio and put detailed work into completing clothing orders.

The Los Angeles clothing manufacturer boats multiple clothing sample makers, the key to any independent fashion designer’s success. A clothing sample maker prototypes a fashion designer’s initial plans via the TEG Specification Sheet (a detailed fashion tech pack) and finds the perfect fit, accounting for every size. TEG goes on to effectively sum up the importance of the clothing sample maker:

“To sum up, clothing sample makers are the first and last line of defense to ensure that a clothing line and various clothing samples are the best they can be. With meticulous attention to detail, creative talents, and a helpful reliance on tech page and specification sheets, a clothing sample maker in Los Angeles makes crafting clothing into a bonafide art form.”

These experienced individuals make up the Los Angeles cut and sew services that every fashion designer needs to succeed in their goals.

Quality Control

Once an independent fashion designer goes through the creative planning process and things finally get underway, it’s time for production to begin. Once it does, TEG’s clients can keep on top of their orders via multiple quality checks.

“With smaller clothing manufacturers like TEG, quality is a huge consideration, as it should always be. Led by a crack team of production managers, creative designers, and quality control specialists, TEG ensures that an independent designer doesn’t run into any hiccups in the production process.”

Quality assurance and quality control are rigorous yet essential aspects of clothing manufacturing. Without them, a fashion designer’s new clothing line is at risk of being low quality.

A project manager performs quality checks every step of the way. Is the finished product up to the designer’s (and clothing manufacturer’s) standards? Does the pattern maker need to intervene and do some quick revisions on a clothing sample? These quality checks ensure that an indie fashion designer doesn’t need to worry about waning or shoddy quality when starting a clothing line.

Additionally, TEG’s project manager is in constant communication with the fashion designer, keeping them in the loop about their clothing samples.

What Does This Mean for Independent Fashion Designers?

Indie fashion designers all over the world can benefit from TEG’s winning model of creative fashion design. By combining adherence to the TEG Specification Sheet, professional quality control, and using the talents of sewing pattern makers, clothing sample makers, and seamstresses, this Los Angeles clothing manufacturer is opening the door for both established and emerging designers.

About The Evans Group

The Evans Group, founded in 2005, is a full-service fashion development and production house based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Since its inception, The Evans Group has worked with over 2,000 clothing brands and designers.

The Evans Group prides itself on being one of the few fashion houses in the United States with raw experience and talent. And primarily for independent fashion designers to benefit from.

With talented seamstresses, creative designers, and fashion pattern drafters, TEG allows emerging designers the chance to start a clothing line unlike any other.

Learn more about The Evans Group on its website:

The Evans Group has locations at:
1926 E. 7th Street, Suite B, Los Angeles, CA 90021
303 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94108

You can reach The Evans Group by phone
800-916-0910 (Los Angeles)
415-324-8779 (San Francisco)

Jennifer Evans
The Evans Group
+1 800-916-0910
email us here

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