Pinwheel’s Best Gifts for Tweens and Teens in 2021

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A mom gives her daughter a Pinwheel smartphone for Christmas.

A Pinwheel smartphone makes a great gift for kids of all ages.

Picky Kid? No problem.

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2021 / — Tweens and teens know the latest trends in music, fashion and pop culture, and with these trends changing daily, buying the best gift for middle-schoolers in 2021 can be daunting. But don’t fear, this tween-approved list is sure to be a hit this holiday season, offering cool options that keep kids engaged in arts, science, time outdoors and a healthy take on tech. Even the pickiest kids will beam when they unwrap these gifts.

Athletic tween? Transform the backyard into a ninja course to provide hours of outdoor fun for the kids and their friends. Purchase a single slackline, or add in items—like rings and bars to swing from—to create a full obstacle course.

This is perfect for older kids that have an interest in art. The instant-print feature allows them to capture their favorite moments and create impressive displays with the snap of a button. Remember to buy extra cartridges so creativity isn’t limited.

For kids with a growing sense of independence, an electric scooter is the perfect way to let them explore further and expand their boundaries. Prices can range from the low hundreds into the thousands, but lower-priced scooters will do the trick in most cases.

With more independence comes the need to stay in contact. With a Pinwheel Smartphone, parents can help their kids learn how to limit their tech consumption. It’s a real smartphone that gives kids everything they need, without the functions that cause distraction. There’s no web browser, no social media, and no app store. The unique system lets parents remotely manage and monitor their child’s phone.

This gift is the equivalent of teaching someone to fish. Kids can design and produce their own toys, jewelry and even gifts for friends and family.

For some people, reading on a device comes with too many distractions (unless it’s a distraction-free device, like Pinwheel). An entire book series can often illuminate someone’s personality and give them an everlasting source of comfort for years to come.

For tweens that enjoy down-time in their own special spot, a mini fridge stocked with fizzy waters and snacks brings an added level of comfort to their oasis.

While jewelry is an obvious go-to option for girls, it’s also making a comeback for boys. Try to avoid statement pieces and stick to subtle designs.

Back in popularity, shoes like slip-on Vans and clunky Dr. Martens boots work well with everyday outfits. Of course, parents can take the safe route by getting a pair of basic white Nikes.

The ultimate gift for hard-to-buy-for tweens. Kids are short on cash, and a gift card is a more personal way to pad their pockets. Try to buy gift cards to places that they can access on their own, non-franchise stores, and their favorite spots.

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