New Investigation Company is Launched in Mexico

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Mexico Private Investigation

Mexico Private Investigation

Mexico OSINT

Mexico OSINT

Mexico Fraud Investigation

Mexico Fraud Investigation

GrayCat PI is a Private Investigation Firm Based in Oaxaca that Specializes in Financial Crimes

We offer high-quality, ethical, and legal criminal investigative services in Mexico. Our investigators are certified and multilingual. We are ready for your private investigation project in Mexico.”
— Ernesto Juarez

OAXACA DE JUAREZ, OAXACA, MEXICO, December 20, 2021 / — GrayCat PI was recently launched in Oaxaca de Juarez to offer tailored Mexico Private Investigation. The agency specializes in financial crimes with a focus on money laundering, insurance fraud, and tax evasion. The company is headed by professionals in the field with extensive experience in combating and investigating financial crimes. With offices in Oaxaca and operations in neighboring states, the agency is able to cater to a wide range of clients. Some of their clients include banks, insurance companies, and international risk and investigation firms.

Investigators who make up the team come from different professional backgrounds that include law enforcement, insurance, banking, and prosecutions. They are qualified by their higher degrees in criminology, criminal justice, and forensic science. The investigators are certified in anti-money laundering, financial crimes, security, and forensic interviewing. The staff speaks English, Spanish, and Arabic.

Some of the services offered by GrayCat Pi include Medical and insurance fraud, Asset tracing, Background investigation, Mexico Fraud Investigation, Public records search, Surveillance, Debtor and fugitive recovery, Open-source intelligence (OSINT), and social media investigation.

Their expertise is centered on Asset and Skip Tracing, Medical and Insurance Fraud, Mexico OSINT, and Social Media Investigation. Through systematic record investigation and on-foot surveillance. The use of ethical and legal methods to locate the whereabouts of the subject being sought. Field surveillance and interview. Experienced in online and social media intelligence.

GrayCat PI offers their services in Oaxaca, Puebla, Chiapas, Veracruz, Mexico City and State.

GrayCat PI is a private investigation agency based in Oaxaca, Mexico that specializes in financial crimes.

Ernesto Juarez
GrayCat PI
+52 951 565 4804
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New Investigation Company is Launched in Mexico 1

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