National Floors Direct: Restoring Flooring in Historic Locations

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National Floors Direct Reviews some Recent Projects Focused on Restoring Flooring at Historic Locations

FREEPORT, ME, USA, October 21, 2020 / — Preservation and restoration of historic houses require special skills and materials that match the house’s period. National Floors Direct Reviews specializes in historical restorations such as projects at Pier A Harbor House and the Canal Street Market.

Historic Restoration Materials
One of the challenges for these types of restorations is finding a flooring product that matches the original. Some desired materials may no longer be in production. The only main options for projects like this are manufacturing a product matching the original specifications or finding the original product in a large enough stockpile.

If you want to restore the property, you need to restore its original look. This may seem frustrating because sometimes you desire an updated look, but this not an option for historical restorations. Sometimes restorations can be done without replacing the floor.
The options include:
Deep cleaning,
Refinishing with renewal products,
Sanding to refinish,
Staining to refinish.

National Floors Direct Historic Flooring Expertise
In some cases, materials represent only the beginning. Expertise sets apart the professionals. You need a restoration firm that knows and can apply restoration techniques to re-create the original work. This can mean a certain installation technique was used or can refer to re-creating an installation pattern.

National Flooring Direct serves the northeast US, with many of the country’s historic properties requiring upkeep. You may need services like ours elsewhere. You need to know what to look for in a flooring firm with respect specifically to historic preservation:

First, choose a company with experience in the type of restoration work your home or property requires. Most firms that conduct this type of project discuss it on their website, or you will have read articles about their past projects.

Second, locate at least three such companies to compare their projects and methods. Comparing multiple companies will allow an easier process of choosing a firm that you are satisfied with.
Third, conduct a thorough review of their prior restoration projects. You can typically find an online portfolio of their work on their official website. This should include before and after photos of multiple projects and text descriptions of what each project was like.

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