Giving Back in a Crypto World

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Giving Back in a Crypto World 1

BERLIN, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 4, 2021 / — With cryptocurrency going crazy these days and people going crazy for crypto. Digital Currency Reserve is releasing its first cryptocurrency. Certified Pride Token is an innovative project that gives to charities. Certified Pride Token has partnered with some of the most influential charities in the world. Human Rights Campaign and JED Foundation have partnered with them to name a few. Two charities that are extremely influential in the lgbtqia+ community and in the fight for equality. DC RESERVE is partnering with more charities that fight for equality. Charities that give scholarships, help with mental illness and suicide prevention. They are also working towards Certified Pride token becoming a payment option with many merchants at checkout. Airdrop Event and Pre Sale in the coming weeks. You can get in early before Certified Pride Token goes to the moon. With coins like shibu going up over a million percent this past year. I would not sleep on this one.

How did this start

CEO of Certified Pride Token announced that they also are working on the token being on all major platforms and markets. Right now they can be found on Trust Wallet and Pancake Swap. They are a BEP20 token on the BNB blockchain. Not a erc20 token, don’t be fooled by knock offs. There is only one Certified Pride Token. He also reveled why he is giving to charity. A single father with cancer who has dealt with suicide and mental illnesses in his circle. Was watching the riots and could not believe the divide we still have. Shortly after his children were learning about Pride Month in school. They asked if he would still love them if they were gay. This not only broke his heart. It also made him think of the millions of children that face struggles everyday. He also noticed the wave going into the crypto world. One Elon Musk tweet and millionaires were made in a day. He felt that all this wealth could be used for good. That if a fraction of it went to charities. Maybe a lot less children would feel out of place. It would generate more scholarships for our youth. Help with mental illness and prevent suicide. After almost 2 years of pain staking work. Certified Pride Token was born. The company announced an Airdrop on Halloween in honor of Bitcoin’s White paper in 2008.

Show Your Support

DC Reserve is also working on other coins that will also give to charity. Certified Pride Token is not where they will stop. The hope is that they mint coins that will help generate money for worthy causes. You can go to to register for the airdrop and get more information on it. Certified Pride Token has circulating supply of 210 billion coins. They have 52 billion in the Pre Sale. The project is promising to burn the same amount of coins sold in the Pre Sale. If all 52 billion sell the circulating supply would be 158 billion once the ICO happens. The pre sale token price is .0003. According to the project manager that did not go with a huge supply like some of the new coins coming out with quadrillions of coins. They went with a smaller supply similar to the top market caps. Dogecoin has 131 billion and shibu has 549 trillion. The more coins that circulate the lower the per coin price is. These guys would like CPT to be as close to a dollar per coin as possible. They feel this will make it easier for people using it as a currency. Also they feel the lower the supply the higher the demand will be. Certified Pride also has NFTs in the works. They will be available on the site. They also have a store were you can purchase clothes and apparel. They are donating 5% of all sales to their partnered charities. Follow them on social media. They have instagram, facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Discord and many more dedicated to certified pride token.

Thoughts on This

This is an amazing project and a worthy cause. Anyone who is in the LGBTQIA+ Community and anyone who is a minority. You should buy this immediately to help change the world and fight for equality. Such an amazing innovative project especially in the crypto world. I would get in early on this one. Rare Crypto like this are the ones that skyrocket in the market. If you are a person who has dealt with racism in anyway. If you fight for equality as well. The Certified Pride Token is for you. Not just for people in the LGBTQIA+ Community. This is for anyone who has faced these issues. Certified Pride Token is revolutionize cryptocurrency in the future. The world is using digital currency more and more everyday. It is the future and so are Crypto like this one. When you know your investment is helping change laws in washington, funding scholarships, preventing suicide, mental health and addiction issues. You will walk around with a little more Pride in that investment. When you can use it at checkout with a store or merchant. You will feel a sense of accomplishment. We all do not have the time to donate to worthy causes. We do have the choice to support someone who is dedicated to doing so. I know I rather invest something that truly means something. I could invest in another meme coin that is making the person behind it more wealthy. Maybe sink more money into the stock market and make a headband manager richer. Didn’t reddit teach us anything with gamestop? Or I can invest in Certified Pride Token because they are donating to these charities that really make a difference. I can fight for equality and change lives with a few clicks. Go out and support a once in a lifetime opportunity. I think you will feel better about your investment. I know I will be there for the Pre-Sale. And I know I will feel so much better investing into something like this. If it’s goes up as much as it’s believed well that will only make it sweeter.

Go to for more information.

Digital Currency Reserve
+1 856-816-0189

Giving Back in a Crypto World 2

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