Fastener Quiz Certificate of Achievement

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DANIEL ISLAND, SC, UNITED STATES, November 24, 2021 / — Fastener Quiz Certificate of Achievement – On October 7th US Fastener announced that they would present a Certificates of Achievement for those individuals who completed the 1000 Q & A Fastener Quiz. The Quiz is a training tool for new people to the fastener industry and a review for the more experienced person.

The Quiz is made up of True / False and Multiple-Choice questions with an explanation with each answer. The questions cover a wide variety of fastener types and their unique applications along with technical questions concerning quality, testing, fastener failure, shear and tension strengths and the like.

47 days after our announcement we received our first notification that Zack Fixter, QA Supervisor at Continental-Aero had successfully completed the 1000 Questions and Answers. Our congratulations go out to Zack and wish him good luck continued success in his fastener career.

Mike McGuire, author of the Fastener Quiz, stated “We are pleased with the early results and are aware others are working their way through the Quiz. It is a commitment of time to read, study and understand all 1000 questions and answers.”


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