Elijah Norton’s Congress Campaign Challenges Traditional Image of Politicians

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PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Elijah Norton is ready for the challenge of running for conservative congress in Arizona as he starts his campaign. Norton may be a new face to politics, but he is more than prepared to prove to everyone why it’s time to shake up the traditional image of politicians. There is a lot this new candidate can bring to the Republican party as people in Arizona demand changes.

Elijah Norton is the founder and president of Veritas Global Protection. This vehicle service contract company has kept drivers covered while they are on the road all over the US. Norton has built a solid reputation as an ethical leader and has been praised for growing his vehicle service contract company from an idea to a successful company.

Norton has many years of experience taking on leadership roles. He started his first business when he was 21 years old and still in college. He would start his days in the classroom and finish them managing an organization.

While Elijah Norton may be younger than the traditional politician, he has the leadership experience to be the next Republican leader for Arizona. He has always been upfront and honest about his practices, which is why his company continues to grow more each year.

Elijah Norton strongly believes that a political candidate needs to be honest and should be running for congress for the right reasons. For Norton, the chance to run for congress means he will have the opportunity to be the leader that people need. He wants to focus on making Arizona a place where businesses can thrive, and people find opportunities.

For a lot of people in congress, Elijah Norton is a new face. However, he has made many contributions to the Republican party over the years. While he was a strong supporter of former President Trump’s 2020 campaign, he donated to his main competitor’s past campaigns.

While David Schweikert is Norton’s main competition while running for congress, Norton believes the Republicans of Arizona can see through his traditional politician image. David Schweikert has been an incumbent for 6 years and has been fined with 11 different ethical violations. What’s next?

Elijah Norton believes that the citizens of Arizona deserve a better leader than that. Not only is Norton an ethical leader, but he is also philanthropic. He has been a recurring donor to many Republican parties throughout the years and last year alone here donated over $153,000.

It’s time for a new leader.

There are a lot of Republican voters in Arizona, but having a leader like Schweikert makes it difficult for them to stay loyal to their political party. People can have faith in a conservative leader again once Elijah Norton runs for congress. He is looking forward to showing people in Arizona why they need a new leader and what he will bring to Congress.

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