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Desi Basket brings Indian Kitchen appliances that were missing in the US. Recent home and kitchen tool launch note their venture into the new product line.

PISCATAWAY, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, October 22, 2021 / — Indians have a distinct choice of utensils, Home Appliances, and kitchen essentials, quite different from what you get to see in the US markets. Stainless steel is a major feature among utensils and appliances. Desi Basket brings you the touch of India with their latest product launch. They are now offering home and kitchen appliances and utensils alongside the other available options. Indian brands and brands that are popular in India are all available in the product line.

With the new additions, you get Oster Blender Blades For Osterizer Blenders, Cello casseroles with stainless steel interior coating, Hot-pots, and more. The premium quality of steel with branded products makes it a top choice among buyers. Similar casseroles are not easily available in the American market, for which Indians have to place an order from outside the country. But with Desi Basket, the products can reach your doorstep without worry.

Tawas that are difficult to find in the US but are a constant part of Indian cooking is now available with Desi Basket. The newest product line includes iron Tawas that are fit for cooking in high flames. You can cook dosas, puris, chapatis, and all other Indian meals which do not cook well with non-stick pans. Pressure cookers are also present among the essential home products. Steel pressure cookers with a greater cavity of 3lt and 5lt are not easily available in the US. Desi Basket has solved the worry and brought the all-rounder cookers where you can easily cook daal, rice, vegetables, and khichdi.

Unlike the food processors that you get in the US, Indian mixers have a unique specialty. They are fit for grinding hard spices which go into the meal in dried form. In their new launch, Desi Basket has brought a range of Indian mixers to ease the needs of the Indians in this foreign land. Steel dining sets, hot boxes, and much more that are commonly a constant part of households in India is now easily available in the USA.

During the product launch, the marketing team was present the event. The team head said, “ Like every other offering at Desi Basket, the Home and Kitchen Appliances are also highly dependable. We only source our products from branded companies and assure our customers a worry-free experience. Every home appliance present in this new product line comes with a guarantee and warranty certificates for the convenience of our customers. We hope to add more branded items in this product line and deliver it to your doorstep.”

Quality and convenience are both at the topmost priority for the founders of Desi Basket. They had started the business with the sole intention to provide quality Indian products to every doorstep in the US. At the launch event, one of the founders said, “ Desi Basket is growing with their product line, and the Household Appliances product addition to the existing list is only a part of the bigger dream. We will come up with more products shortly for our fellow Indian and American customers.” Desi Basket has already firmed its position as a reliable e-store among Indians and non-Indians in the US with such rapid growth and hard work.

About the company

Desi Basket is a top name among the online shops serving Indian products and groceries in the USA. Two women with the idea of selling the products of their native land are the co-founders of this online business. The e-store is the one-stop shopping destination for all the NRIs in the USA and people who want to explore the taste of India. Groceries, Indian spices, kitchen essentials, traditional wear, and what not! The online shopping website features it all. You get every product delivered at your doorstep with their convenient service.

Contact information

You can find out more details about the products served at Desi Basket at their official Website or reach out at the given contact details below-
Official Website:
Official Address: 518
Old Post Rd, Edison, New Jersey – 08817. The United States.
Official Email ID:
Telephone Number: +1
(732) 835-7629

Desi Basket
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