Cooking Oil Saving Device OiLChef Launches new product for Restaurants in 2022

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Catalytic Convertor for deepfryer to double safe life of cooking oil

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Pictures of two chicken burgers. One is darker than the other. The lighter color is from a fryer with OiLChef

The lighter golden product is cooked in a fryer with OiLChef, less greasy, more crispy

Cooking oil saver, ‘OILChef’ announces new Product for restaurant operators in 2022

Cheaper cooking oil for deepfryer owners is important during the pandemic because cost of cooking oil has doubled. The award winning OiLChef, improves food quality and saves 50% on oil purchases”
— Sean Farry

NEW YORK, USA, December 30, 2021 / — Cheaper cooking oil for deepfryers? The Cost of food is rising and the cost of cooking oil has doubled. This is a huge increase for the food service industry which has been suffering greatly with many shutdowns and restrictions all around the world.

Fast food restaurants, take-aways, food delivery ghost kitchens, bars and restaurants and all the favorite fish and chip shops, deep fried chicken brands and burger brands are taking advantage of OiLChef. OiLChef is a small accessory that one can add to an open pot deepfryer, or pressure fryer which enables operators to double the yield of deep-fried food per litre/Lb of cooking oil. This has a positive impact on reducing carbon footprint and is eco-friendly.

Many clients say that their food is crispier, less oily and stays crispier for longer, which is great news for buffets and deliveries.

OiLChef is launching the new higher efficiency model for deepfryers which will help the food service and food processing industry significantly reduce their costs of food and energy consumption in 2022 and beyond. Winner of the most eco-friendly deepfryer accessory in 2021, the OiLChef brand is gaining global recognition and it technology is FDA, USDA, VSP, USPH and NSF, CE approved.

Founder and CEO, Mr. Sean Farry says “our company is focused on reducing environmental impact for the food service and food processing industry by enabling them to achieve more with less. Our greatest secret is being able to do this without compromising food quality or service. Offering a full 3-year warranty and money back guarantee, there is no better way to help the industry get back on their feet after such a tumultuous few years. We are north American based and 100% north American made. We are looking forward to expansion opportunities in Europe in 2022 and beyond.” #EcoFriendlyChef

Sean Farry
OiL Chef
+1 438-764-6444
email us here

Cooking Oil Saving Device OiLChef Launches new product for Restaurants in 2022 1

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