Blackhawk Floors Completes More Than 2,700 Hardwood Flooring Projects

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Blackhawk Floors Completes More Than 2,700 Hardwood Flooring Projects 1

An industry leader in hardwood flooring in Phoenix has reached a new milestone.

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, November 1, 2021 / — Utilizing professional and experienced hardwood floor installers has proven to save time and money. That’s why representatives with Blackhawk Floors, Inc. is proud to announce today that it has completed more than 2,700 hardwood flooring projects.

“We consider it an honor and privilege to complete thousands of hardwood flooring projects for our customers,” said Jason Elquest, owner and spokesperson for Blackhawk Floors.

Blackhawk Floors prides itself on its commitment to providing superior workmanship at competitive prices. From custom wood flooring installation and finishing of solid floors to pre-finished wood floors, Blackhawk Floors has always been the leader.

As it relates to installing hardwood floors, Elquest pointed out that despite what individuals may have seen on their favorite home improvement programs, installing hardwood flooring on their own can be challenging.

Hardwood floor installation is a physically taxing endeavor. It involves a great deal of bending and stooping and installing hardwood flooring can be particularly tough on the back and knees.

“The great news is that we specialize in hardwood flooring projects, so we do all the hard work for you, and the result is simply amazing,” Elquest said.

Completing more than 2,700 hardwood flooring projects comes on the heels of Blackhawk Floors recently offering hardwood refinishing services. Hardwood refinishing services, Elquest noted, are the perfect solution for anyone with hardwood floors that need some care.

“Since our floors do so much work, they can often lose the finish and shine that makes them look so good,” Elquest said. “They can also suffer scratches big and small that can leave them not looking their best. But with a simple wooden floor refinish from Blackhawk Floors, you can get your hardwood looking like it did when you first had it installed for a lot less than a new floor. Blackhawk Floors is your local home of quality and experienced hardwood floors refinishers. From your standard wooden floor refinish to helping spruce up old floors or upgrades, we can help.”

Elquest went on to reiterate that not only has Blackhawk Floors completed thousands of hardwood flooring projects, but their customers come back to them again and again because of the company’s quality service, commitment to top customer service, and affordable pricing.

“At Blackhawk Floors, we appreciate all the great things about hardwood flooring, and we want you to get as much out of the life of your hardwood floors as possible,” Elquest stressed before adding, “Traditional hardwood floor sanding is an extremely dusty process. The dust storm in your home, lingering dust in your air ducts, and the headache of cleanup can make it feel like it will never end. Fortunately, there is a cleaner, healthier, and faster process with the Atomic Dust Containment System from Bona. We virtually eliminate the airborne dust generated from the sanding process.”

Blackhawk Floors is recognized by National Wood Flooring Association Certified Installer, National Wood Flooring Association Certified Sand & Finisher, and the National Wood Flooring Association Certified Wood Flooring Inspector.

Elquest pointed out that Blackhawk Floors’ in-house wood mill shop allows it to create custom moldings, transitions, treads, risers, curves, borders, designs, and more. In addition, Blackhawk Floors provides all clients with highly trained in-house personnel.

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Blackhawk Floors Completes More Than 2,700 Hardwood Flooring Projects 2

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