Ben Cherot returns to his roots in new political thriller

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Ben Cherot returns to his roots in new political thriller 1

A Man Called Bravo

A Man Called Bravo details the difficult work of a man fighting to protect his country

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 12, 2021 / — Author Ben Cherot recently published military thriller “A Man Called Bravo,” a 264-page book detailing the activities of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agent Ray Bravo as he works to unravel a revolutionary plot to free Puerto Rico from the USA.

Cherot is a veteran author specializing in military and political thrillers, and has published several books prior to Bravo. These books include Tarpits, his first published book, which introduced his character Oscar La Braya; and Tropic Squall, a sea adventure and survival thriller.

In “A Man Called Bravo,” Cherot returns to the roots of his writing, and puts the main character Ray in the middle of a situation that can only be described as impossible. Ray needs to infiltrate and root out a band of revolutionaries working to spread pro-Puerto Rico propaganda in a bid to speed up the commonwealth’s secession from the United States.

However Ray is caught in a dilemma. By preventing the ushering of the island’s independence, he is denying his own Puerto Rican heritage its freedom. This isn’t a problem for him, as he is determined to see his mission through, but there may be consequences along the way.
The assignment is further complicated by the fact that the revolutionaries are no better than the thugs from the drug cartels running around Miami. They’re armed, they’re ruthless, and they’re just as determined as Ray is to finish their job.

“A Man Called Bravo” is a thrilling tale of intrigue and politics, where an unstoppable force meets an immovable object and the outcome is as unpredictable as they come.

Ben Cherot took writing courses at the Palm Beach State College and the Florida Atlantic University. He also spent ten weeks at a civilian police academy in Baynton Beach, Florida, and a short Criminal Justice course in order to deepen the authenticity of his work.

“A Man Called Bravo” was published by Writers Branding LLC on Augut 25, 2021. It is available on Kindle and paperback, and can be bought on Amazon or at a bookstore near you.

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Ben Cherot returns to his roots in new political thriller 2

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