base86 Supplies for Beta version available today for US-based Dental Practices

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The signup page for base86 Supplies.

The signup page for base86 Supplies.

The logo of base86, the company that launched Supplies.

The logo of base86, the company that launched Supplies.

Order from suppliers with a simple request for pricing.

Order from suppliers with a simple request for pricing.

base86 Supplies soft opens today to the busy dental professional. Order supplies from a single interface with automation for cost tracking and reordering.

Everything about supplies procurement should be radically simple and transparent. That is why I am so pleased to reach the open beta of the base86 Supplies procurement platform!”
— Edward Isarevich, CEO

NEWARK, DELAWARE, USA, November 16, 2021 / — base86 (, the dental-focused supply chain optimization company, is excited to announce their procurement platform for small- and medium-sized practices, Supplies, entering a public beta phase.

The ambitious goal of eliminating the gross inefficiencies in the dental supply chain was borne out of industry necessity voiced by multiple stakeholders that the base86 founding team had interviewed. The company started by analyzing the additional cost and time savings dental practices can achieve by optimizing their procurement process. base86 then developed an elegant solution that combines both procurement and e-commerce in one package. The team built out an application and has been testing it with a limited set of supply and demand-side pilot partners in closed beta. Successfully iterating development based on the feedback and the learning from the process was a key component of being ready to soft launch. For example, procurement staff had voiced concerns about friction resulting from the onboarding process from additional suppliers. The Supplies platform removes this friction by creating a universal onboarding form that is filled out once but sent out to multiple suppliers during the RFQ or PO process. The result is a robust but simple-to-use product that adds to the efficiency of a modern, technologically savvy dental business.

The base86 team believes that the future of work is all about leveraging technology to create frictionless digital tools and automate existing archaic workflows. To achieve this, Supplies aggregates and enhances the RFQ and Purchase Order processes that are normally done via email and phone negotiations. There is added functionality that assists practices in fair and balanced product comparison. Furthermore, using data science and analytics, the Supplies platform learns from past orders and connects a practice with potential new suppliers. Functionality also includes access to reports with actionable insights on practice financial spend, and integrations with major accounting platforms are coming soon.

By creating a data-centric ecosystem of tools for dental practices and their suppliers, base86 brings efficiency to a currently highly manual, inefficient, and slow supply chain. This saves time and money for every organization on the platform. It also reduces the excessive allocation of staff resources and decreases the risks inherent within the current supply chain.

Supplies is currently available at no cost for both dental practices and suppliers while in a limited open beta phase.

For more information or to request a product demo, please visit or email

Jess McCarter
+1 614-655-8660
Visit us on social media:

base86 Supplies for Beta version available today for US-based Dental Practices 1

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