Amaxx and Arcadia Settlements Group Partner to Help Reduce Work Comp Costs

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Amaxx and Arcadia Settlement Group have entered a partnership to promote best practices in settling workers’ compensation claims.

KENNEBUNKPORT, ME, USA, July 14, 2021 / — Amaxx and Arcadia Settlement Group have entered a partnership to promote best practices in settling workers’ compensation claims. The partnership is designed to provide information in an educational format and provide timely information on settlement best practices.

Amaxx: Educating Industry Leaders

Amaxx has served as an educational resource for industry stakeholders and thought leaders in the Workers’ Compensation industry for the past 30 years. To accomplish this goal, Amaxx leverages its experiences in working directly with employers to develop relationships and provide timely and relevant information on how they can better control Workers’ Compensation costs while still ensuring injured employees receive their benefits.

According to Michael Stack, CEO of Amaxx, “Our goal is to develop relationships with all interested stakeholders in the Workers’ Compensation arena and provide the information they can use to reduce Workers’ Compensation costs ethically and with compassion.”

To accomplish this goal, Amaxx actively seeks other interested stakeholders to develop partnerships to drive innovation. “The first criteria I use to evaluate if a company could be a potential partner is that I believe we are aligned in philosophy and implementation of specific workers’ compensation best practices,” said Stack. He continued, “Arcadia Settlement Group is one of those leaders in the structured settlement industry we are happy to highlight given their dedication to driving settlements through innovative ideas.”

Arcadia Settlement Group: Driving Optimal Settlements through Structured Settlement Solutions

Arcadia Settlement Group has been in business for nearly 50 years. It is an industry-focused on resolving conflicts, reducing litigation expenses, and promoting long-term financial security for people involved in injury claims. Their portfolio of experiences include:

• Over $1.6 billion in structured settlement annuity premium placed in 2020.

• A client base of over 1,000 employers, insurers, and other interested stakeholders.

• Assistance in resolving nearly 3,000 workers’ compensation cases per year.

According to Stack, “I am thrilled to be partnering with Arcadia. It is clear to me that we are consistent in our approach, service, and goals to successfully settle Workers’ Compensation claims.” Stack continued, “An important distinguishing point regarding Arcadia is the ‘best practice settlement philosophy’ does not just live-in theory, but it is executed in the day-to-day work of the consultant base.”

To set their philosophy in motion, Arcadia takes proactive steps to educate the marketplace through timely content and information. These objectives will be further enhanced by Amaxx’s existing platforms that include:

• Ongoing education efforts regarding online educational opportunities on the benefits of using structured settlements to resolve workers’ compensation cases.

• Existing blog and social media platforms that reach countless industry stakeholders every week.

• Ongoing training opportunities through the WC Mastery training program.

“With this new partnership, Amaxx is well-positioned to ensure alignment with Arcadia’s strategies to successfully settle workers’ compensation claims. We will use our platforms to leverage educational content to position the Arcadia brand as thought leaders in the workers’ compensation and structured settlement industry,” said Stack. This influence will include the sharing of educational content and best practices to drive the goal of Amaxx – reduce workers’ compensation program costs.

The Partnership Creates Benefits for all Parties

Structured Settlements are a valuable tool when settling a workers’ compensation claim as they create needed benefits for all parties:

• Benefits for the Employee: Case settled, and they will receive tax-free monetary benefits for a lifetime – designed specifically for their needs.

• Benefits-Insurance Carrier: Settling Claims on a full/final basis with today’s dollars. Reduction of reserves and future liabilities.

• Benefits Employee’s Attorney: Case Settled. Advocacy for their client while taking a creative approach to settlement. The attorney can also benefit from structuring fees-resulting in tax deferral for the attorney.

Under the strategic partnership between Amaxx and Arcadia Settlement Group, all interested stakeholders seeking to have a successful workers’ compensation program will access and utilize blog posts, educational courses, and other information on settlement best practices. This will include offerings on the Amaxx blog, Arcadia platforms, digital newsletters, and social media channels.

“This partnership creates benefits for all interested stakeholders,” said Stack.

Media Contact:
Michael Stack
Amaxx LLC
PO Box 1426
Kennebunkport, ME 04046

Michael Stack
Amaxx LLC
+1 207-281-2599

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